Really, Books Are Fun

Unknown adaptation of a painting by artist Mary Cassatt

After years in grad school of being tortured with forced reading, I finally enjoy books again. Fiction, mind you: non-fiction still seems like an assignment. When I started back, it had been so long since I had actually read a book of my own choosing, I really didn’t know what I liked. The result is a long list of books that sit at the 3% read mark in Kindle.

It’s been hit and miss, but it’s narrowed to three favorite categories: gothic novels (LOVED Wilkie Collins’ Woman in White, so good!); historical fiction (but not romance-y type stuff:  make me BELIEVE I’m in 16th century Hungary!); and apocalypse stories, zombies or otherwise (preferably told from the female point of view, not militaristic scenarios that make me just want to skip a few pages ahead to get back to the real story).

Kind of eclectic, but who’s tastes aren’t.  From time to time I might share what I’ve just finished reading, although it shouldn’t be construed as an actual review.  That feels too much like homework.  Just a few thoughts of what the book was like, if it was worth the read.



One thought on “Really, Books Are Fun”

  1. I recently completed graduate school as well. One of the things I have been excited about since graduating is reading for enjoyment once again. It takes awhile to transition from purely academic (forced) reading and reading for enjoyment… but I am so glad to have it back in my life again!

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