It’s a Craft Cave, not a Man Cave…


I’ve never had a dedicated space where I can be creative.  Like a crafty nomad, I mostly worked on the couch, dining room table, kitchen counter, anywhere I could get a little flat space.  Not the most effective environment to tap into your inner artist. For a while I have been dreaming of my own studio, so I decided it was time to make it happen.  I appropriated a corner of the basement and made it my own.


To counteract the drabness, I stuccoed the walls and added bright curtains at one end.  The bench got pulled out of storage and received a much needed makeover as well.  The top was removed and replaced with a much sturdier one and the whole base was painted bubblegum pink.  I also added the awesome laminate my Nugget found for $10.  The Little Nugget has already claimed a side, despite my best attempts to gently inform her it is Mommy’s space.  Maximum storage was achieved with wire shelves and repurposed metal cabinets:


 I  spent a large part of last summer organizing my supplies, which was really nice. It’s amazing how much you forget you had.


It feels so good to be organized at last…coming up next, Craft Cave Reno, Pt. 2!


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