What I Learned in Preschool Today…

For the last month or so, I have been eagerly awaiting the coveted yet elusive “Mommy Alone Time.” I’ve heard about, read stories, but thought it was just a fairytale. Until last week, when we had a meeting with Monkey’s preschool and they said she could start. Today. What? Seriously? OMG! Since that moment, although struck with guilt over the degree of excitement brought about by said news, my mind has been all a-whirl with what to do with my new found freedom, known as the Morning Session.

I have long sought to return to jewelry making and my dream of building a crafts empire.  I dropped her off, holding back the tears until I got back out to the parking lot, then timidly went about the business of “Mommy Time.” An hour later, I got a phone call. From the school. OH. NO. My empire, dangerously behind schedule, will have to wait. Little Nugget had been crying for an hour!!!

Apparently I am the human equivalent of a giant squishy pacifier of comforty-goodness for my Sweet Babygirl. Sigh. I got

her calmed down (don’t know how, but we’ll take it) and decided to stick around. Because there would be no staying for the Little Nugget if Mommy wasn’t staying too. So we went outside and hung out on the playground for awhile, and she dug it. And the boys dug it too. Sheesh. She’s 3, and already the boys notice her. One little boy even stuck his tongue out at her, giving Mommy the perfect opportunity to explain that really that’s all she needs to know about boys, they’re silly, have cooties (except her Daddy and Grandpas), and should be regarded with skepticism or avoided altogether. Her response to this was to get up and go play “kick the ball” with her new little boyfriends. Sigh.

I wonder if we get to fingerpaint tomorrow….Oh. My. God: I forgot the funniest part of the story: one of Little Nugget’s boyfriends asked me if I was her SISTER!!!!! LOL, His Mommy taught him well!


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