Behold the rock wall that Hubby Nugget and I built this summer:

It is a boomerang shaped border for our new patio/firepit area, a work in progress. It’s original intent was to accent the 60′ wildflower patch, oh but now it is so much more. You see, I have exhausted all my planting options in the front yard, in other words, yes, my rock garden is DONE. Now all that is left is to let it do it’s thing. Auto-pilot! While that is oh so satisfying, uh, it’s really not. Because I still must plant things. And when I say things, I mean sedum. And other creeping perennials. Enter the wall. The Empty Wall. Screaming for green. Just begging for plantings. How could I deny it? Oh I know it’s Fall. WAY past planting season. But I laugh at freezes! Throw caution to the strong autumn wind. Creeping phlox will look FABulous in the wall if it roots before it dies….

And let’s not forget our friend, creepy thyme (yes, it FINALLY took off up front):
Couldn’t leave Irish Moss out of the loop:

This is an earlier experiment with sedum. Kind of leggy, guess it expects TOTAL sun, sheesh.
It faces south, you’d think that would be good enough, picky bastard…
AND sedum facing west, so totally psyched with it’s location:

So come spring, we shall see who is left standing. And hopefully, we will have a wall full of beautiful blooms. Yea! Go Team Nugget!

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