Layman’s Guide to Supersweet Nuggetspeak

For those of you who have had the occasion to interact with our Little Nugget, only to look up at us in confusion and bewilderment, I present a guide to the vocabulary that is the Babygirl’s:


  • YERT: Little Nugget’s favorite food of the moment, yogurt. She eats it about 2-3 times a day sometimes. The girl loves her yert.
  • NIMINIMS: M&M’s. A chip off her mommy.
  • PUCKLE: Pickle. Besides “coli” (broccoli), her favorite vegetable, hands down.
  • SIPPY SUHPIDE: Her sippy spider cup, which in a desperate attempt to keep her from spilling juice and milk, I had a moment of weakness and reverted to the sippy, purchased on Target Halloween clearance (for 29 cents, sah-weet!).
  • BUNNIE: Banana. It took us awhile to figure this one out. Then she said it at the store, and it was like an “oh, duh” moment. We’re kinda slow that way.
  • POTS: Pasta. We like to think she’s saying pates (imagine an accent above the a), being the geeky francophiles that we are. (pates in french is “pasta”).
  • KIKI: Cookie. Seriously, it will be a sad day when she starts pronouncing that one correctly. How cute can you get?!


  • Monkey Go: Any of the adventures of Curious George. She hands me the book and says “Monkey go.” Indeed! How can you argue with that?! She sums up the character and plot wisely.
  • I See: Her summation of Dr. Seuss’s epic work, The Eye Book.


  • TER-TAL: Turtle. We love to make her say this one. She does it with perfect enunciation.
  • WINK: That’s what a piggy says. And she does it in the most awesome Exorcist voice you’ve ever witnessed! Good stuff.
  • BUHGG: This is, of course, our delightful canine mascot, Stinkbug. She loves the little bastard.
  • YAK: Jacksonian the Presidential Dog. Such a good boy.
  • TOPIE: Sophie, honorary Team Nugget canine mascot, and my sweet Babydog. Monkey loves Topie.


  • KIRKLE: Circle. That has to be the cutest speech impediment ever!!!
  • BEE-BEES: This, dear friends, means Mommy’s boobies. She’s enamoured of them. As is Daddy. :-) For different reasons, obviously.
  • KIKI MUSSER: Cookie Monster. Second only to Elmo as her favorite Sesame Street character. And of course she says it in her best Exorcist voice.
  • PIE: Her name for her pacifier. She’s now restricted to only sleepytime paccie use, but now that she’s named it like a pet, she’s become more attached. When she sees it she lovingly exclaims, “Dat’s Pie!!!!”


  • “COME ON!”: An expression of impatience that she learned from Mommy, which she happily chirps while she’s playing with her cars.
  • “COME ON DUN!”: An expression of joy that she learned from watching The Price is Right. Usually followed by screaming and jumping up and down.
  • “I KIME”: Means “I Climb.” Seriously, we don’t call her Monkey for nothing. The girl’s a climber.
  • “NO, OK.”: This means no. We have always asked her No? Then after her answer, followed up with a confirmation, OK. We believe the genesis of this phrase comes from the period when we played the exciting game of Little Nugget’s creation, “Guess What I Want to Eat!!!!” “Do you want chicken tenders? No? OK.” Do you want shrimp? No? OK.” Team Nugget is thankful that the Little Nugget can now (mostly) express her culinary wishes.

Let this be your guide…


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