Things We Love about our New Neighborhood

After living in our new community for a year, here are some things that make us warm and fuzzy about our new home:

  • There are no people driving lawnmowers down the street because their license has been revoked due to a DWI charge
  • We don’t have 10 bars within walking distance, nor do we have 3 within earshot from the house
  • You have to get into a car and actually drive to see the closest auto repair shop or title loan establishment
  • There are no drunk couples fighting in the street at 2:00AM
  • We have no neighbors suspiciously named “Bub” (seriously, our neighbor’s name was “Bub”)
  • Thankfully no pan-handlers come to the front door
  • We no longer find empty brown-paper-wrapped 40 ouncers in our yard
  • There is no aluminum can collecting/dumpster diving across the street
  • The meat/leather processing smells are now just a bad memory
  • The school district actually thinks a science and math in the curriculum is a good thing
  • The neighborhood kids won’t turn our Little Nugget into a thug

There’s no place like home!!!


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