Our Sweet Big Babygirl

At this moment, two years ago, I was hooked up to an IV, enjoying the sweet spinal cocktail that is the epidural. They had just asked me to start pushing, and I did my best even though I couldn’t feel anything below my chest. Two stressful hours later, Little Nugget came into this world. Team Nugget would never be the same again, in a way that we never imagined.

Our Sweet Babygirl turned two today. I’m speechless. How did this happen? It just seems like yesterday that we were firmly entrenched in Baby Boot camp. It was trying, but one memory that I carry of that period is the night Hubby Nugget got home from his night shift and even though the Little One had gone to sleep, we watched a movie (The Station Attendant) at 3am and ate Raspberry choco-chip ice cream that he had brought home in a Styrofoam cup from the work cafeteria. Little moments like that made Boot camp easier. We lucked out, it only lasted a month and a half, by Christmas, she was sleeping 6-7 hours at a stretch at night and it was bliss.

Now, she’s a little person, with personality and an opinion she’s not afraid to share (Me no want!) I’m not too good at expressing mushiness, even though I am generally a very sentimental person, so I won’t be writing Little Nugget one of those three-hanky letters. But I have some observations:

What we see: a beautiful little girl, full of spunk. She’s smart, athletic, and reminds me so much of her daddy in her devilish grin. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

What we hear: She cracks us up with her jibber-jabber! Her pronunciations are obnoxiously cute: we often ask her to say words just to hear her say them. Our personal favorites are turtle, triangle, wink (for oink!) and kirkle (for circle)–that’s the best one. She often surprises us with how much she knows–her brain is a tiny sponge of goodness.

What we know: Love, Love, Love! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Happy Birthday Little Nugget!


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