Does that Coffee Come in an IV Drip?

Holy crap, people. I’m tired. No amount of coffee’s gonna shake that feeling. Know why? Because I’m friggin‘ OLD! I’ve entered the lovely stage of life known as perimenopause. What’s that mean? It means I’m OLD. I was in denial for a little while, you know, I told myself that it was just my hormones being all freaky and such from having the Little Nugget. Well, that was a good excuse for about 6 months, but now there’s no denying it. I don’t remember reading about post-partum hot flashes.

Hormones can be a bitch, you know? Who’d of thought they could screw with your sleep patterns in such an insidious manner. I sleep good for about 3 hours, then BOOM! I wake up about every hour after that. I didn’t even hear my alarm screech in my ear this morning. What’s worse is I think I turned it off while I was still asleep. My poor dream journal is pretty bare right now since I’m not sleeping deep enough to even have any freaky-assed¬†dreams.

Do they make coffee-flavored soy?


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