It Vexes Me So – Doh!

So this garden thing has still been on my mind (read: obsessed), and the drenching rain we got the other day hasn’t helped. More soil erosion, and not too much progress in terms of the creepy thyme doing its job. Hubby Nugget to the rescue! Using his mad internet skillz, he found the reason my plants are shrively: I planted them under a tree that emits toxins!!!!! Way to go Nugget! Yes friends, my rock garden is under a walnut tree, which even without the toxins is a pain in the ass what with all the garbage it spits out. Dirty tree! So now I find that my tree is a trained assassin, slowly but surely killing my groundcover with its evil juglone. Bastard.

Emergency thyme removal is planned for this afternoon, as soon as the Little Nugget takes a nap. And apologies to the creepy thyme for saying it was a lazy ass.

You know what that means? More plant shopping!!!!! Sweet!!!


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